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Wet rooms – stylish and water efficient

Wet rooms are renowned for creating a style statement in any property, whether that is adding a touch of luxury to an ensuite, or making a small family bathroom feel bigger. Having first become popular with city slickers in their urban loft conversions, wet rooms are now considered a practical option, as well as a stylish one.

But, as more and more of us are looking to reduce energy costs, those who are wanting water efficient alternatives are beginning to install wet rooms in their homes as they realise the added saving they can make.

When installing wet rooms there are things you will need to think about, as many estate agents do frown at the thought of losing a bath, but if style, simplicity and water efficiency are top of your list, then they can be a perfect solution.

Making your wet room work for you

In general, a shower will use less water than a bath; 15 gallons for a 10-minute shower, as opposed to 40 to 50 gallons for a bath. But, there is more you can do to make wet rooms even more water efficient.

Low flow shower heads generally flow at around half the amount of gallons of water per minute than a conventional shower head, and whilst they do cost more at the outset, you will be saving money on your water bill in the long run.

The same can be said for taps and toilets as both have low flow options, so talk to your local bathroom showroom to find money saving options.

Wet Rooms

 Small bathrooms and wet rooms

In addition to their water efficiency, wet rooms are great solutions for small bathrooms, as the open plan will give a light and airy feel.

Wet rooms will also give the illusion of a bigger room, as more floor space will be on show, helping to make the most out of an asset that could otherwise be a downside of a property.

Other considerations

Think about your flooring. Wet rooms are stylish, contemporary and give a bathroom a boutique hotel feel, so choose a flooring option that will fit in with this. Also, as the whole room will need tiling, from floor to ceiling, choose a tile that is suitable for both walls and floors.

Underfloor heating is another great option for wet rooms. Not only will it help to dry the room quicker, but it can be an energy efficient option.

Finally, as the room will generally be open plan, you will need to make sure that everything is waterproof, including the lighting, and plan the room so that towels and toilet paper don't get wet when using the shower.

Speak to Park Street Interiors about water efficient wet rooms

When considering wet rooms, we would recommend that you speak to experts. The team at Park Street Interiors is always happy to have a chat and go through the design process with you. To add the finishing touches to wet rooms, our Art of Living Group colleagues at Ceramic Tile Warehouse and Stone Gallery will help with tiles and flooring to give an inspirational look.