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Making a statement with coloured kitchen units

There was a time when kitchen units were available in white, cream or different shades of timber, but that has now changed dramatically with cabinets becoming available in every colour of the rainbow.

As a room that can occasionally be quite clinical, adding coloured kitchen units can easily add drama to a kitchen. It is a bold move and one that a lot of people won't go for, but it can certainly become a talking point amongst family and friends.

If making a statement in a kitchen with coloured cabinets is for you, read our advice so that you end up with a room that will become the hub of your family home.

Contemporary V Traditional

The coloured kitchen unit craze is definitely the domain of the contemporary brigade.
If you have a more traditional or period home and like the idea of coloured kitchen units, but worry that it will be a bit too much, go for more muted tones. Pastel blues and greens, khaki and grey tones will work great with the traditional Shaker style kitchen and gives an updated look to any kitchen in a period home.

Mixing colours

Adding in a second colour will allow you to give your kitchen units a truly personal touch, whether that is using two shades of the same colour, or a complementing tone.
Mixing colours is also the perfect option for those that just can't decide on one colour or one material! If you are going to go for two colours, we would recommend having the darker colour on the bottom, as this will not drain the natural light from the room.

Decorating tips

There is no doubt about it, coloured kitchen units are definitely a statement, so you are going to want them to stand out. To do this, it's best to keep the rest of the decorating to a minimum. Use a very neutral colour pallet of whites, creams and greys, which will also help to reflect the light around the kitchen.

Black kitchen units

Black kitchen cabinets have recently become extremely fashionable, but they are not for everyone and every room. If black is for you, then think about your kitchen as a room first. No matter what the product, black can drain colour, so unless you have a kitchen that has big windows and receives a lot of natural daylight, it is probably a colour to avoid. Also think about the resale of your property. If you are planning on moving in a couple of years, will a black kitchen put potential buyers off?

However, if you are looking for an extremely sleek, contemporary and wow factor room, then you can't go wrong with black kitchen units.

Black Kitchen Units

Speak to Park Street Interiors about adding coloured kitchen units

Park Street Interiors has a wide range of kitchen units in different colours from some of the leading brands, and will be able to help you choose the perfect design and layout for your room.

To ensure that your kitchen becomes the heart of your home, Park Street Interiors' sister Art of Living Group companies, Ceramic Tile Warehouse and Stone Gallery can provide the finishing touches.