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10 top tips to get your dream fitted kitchen in a small space

Many of us dream of having a spacious fitted kitchen that is big enough for the whole family to socialise in, but just because your space is smaller does not mean that you can't have your dream kitchen.

There are a number of clever ideas that you can use, and here we give our top 10 tips to help give your small kitchen a spacious, light and airy feel.

Small kitchen

1. Use light cabinets

With a small kitchen, choose fitted kitchen cabinets that are light in colour, so with wood choose beech, or white, or maybe a cream gloss finish.

2. Save space

In all good home stores, you will be able to find clever solutions enabling you to store kitchen accessories on your wall, helping you to save precious cabinet space. From hooks to hang accessories from, to magnetic strips that knives can stick to, the choices are wide and varied.

3. Add height

To ensure you make use of all the space available and have enough fitted kitchen cabinets, go up! Install cabinets that use the full height of the room, but it's best to put things that you don't use very often in the high cupboards, as you don't want to be up and down every time you want a cup of tea.

4. Different textures

Fitted kitchen cabinets now come in various different finishes, including wood, lacquer and even metal. By mixing up the materials of the cabinets and worktops will allow you to add personality to your small kitchen.

5. Use glass

To make a bold statement and allow a vast amount of natural light in to you kitchen, add a glass ceiling to a kitchen extension, as this will flood the whole area with light.

6. Integrate appliances

By choosing fitted kitchen cabinets that integrate appliances will mean that your washing machine, dishwasher, fridge and freezer won't be on show. It will create a sleek finish giving the illusion of extra space.

7. Choose reflective materials

A gloss finished fitted kitchen and reflective finishes, such as a glass tiled splash-back, will help to reflect light around the room making it look bigger.

8. Keep the window naked

One of the best bits of advice for a small kitchen is to keep the window clutter free; that means no fussy curtains or blinds that take away natural light. It's best to use a simple roller blind that can be completely hidden away during the day.

9. Clever fitted kitchens

Modern kitchens are not just made up of bland cupboards with a couple of shelves anymore. There are many space saving options that can help keep your small kitchen clutter free such as a pull out table that looks like a drawer, clever corner cupboards that use the whole space, and even drawers that fit under fitted kitchen cabinets.

10. Create illusion

And finally, there are many ways that we can trick our eye into seeing something bigger than it actually is, and this is no different when choosing a fitted kitchen. Not only will you get a completely modern look by having darker coloured bottom units and white high units, but you will also give the illusion of having a lot more space than you do.
Park Street Interiors can help you plan a small fitted kitchen

There is no need for a small space to feel small. Our team at Park Street Interiors are experts in helping to design kitchens in all shapes and sizes, so make use of their knowledge and ensure that you get a fitted kitchen that works for you.

As part of the triangle of companies that make up The Art of Living Group, Ceramic Tile Warehouse and Stone Gallery will be able to help you with the finishing touches to ensure your small fitted kitchen feels as big and airy as possible.