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How to create the perfect layout with a fitted kitchen

The kitchen is very often seen as the most important part of the house. It is a place where the family will gather to talk about the day, or where everyone will end up at a social gathering, so installing a fitted kitchen that works for you is important.

No matter the size of kitchen that you have, there is a design layout that will work.

The kitchen triangle

If you think about how we use our fitted kitchens, the sink, cooker and fridge are the most utilised parts. Kitchen designers will arrange these appliances so that if imaginary lines are drawn, they make up, what they call, the 'work triangle'. This ensures that the kitchen works at its most efficient.

Below, we have highlighted some of the most common kitchen spaces and given tips on how best to utilise the space.

Small kitchens

When it comes to a small fitted kitchen, the old adage 'size matters' is thrown out the window and replaced with 'performance is key'. A small kitchen can put people off buying a property, but with some careful planning and intelligent storage options it can work extremely well.

Kitchen Layout

Be clever, how about a corner sink, or a corner oven to free up much-needed workspace? Also, think about your work triangle, as you don't want any of the most utilised spaces behind a door, and look at the appliances you choose, as many come in scaled down sizes.

Large fitted kitchens

Whilst many people will hanker after a large fitted kitchen, a poor layout can mean that it won't work as efficiently as a smaller one. There is a tendency to spread everything out, but think about the work triangle, do you always want to be walking to the other side of the large area to get something out of the fridge?

This is where a kitchen island can come in very handy. As well as adding extra storage, and no matter what the size of your fitted kitchen, we guarantee that you will fill all your kitchen cupboards, you can add one of the three most utilised areas into the island. For example, it could house your sink or your cooker to keep it easily accessible.
Your extra space could then be used for statement pieces like a pull out larder, or a wall of floor to ceiling storage options.

Galley kitchen

If you have a long thin kitchen, or a galley kitchen, the first thing to think about is are you going for fitted kitchen units down both walls or just one. If two people will be using the kitchen, then it may be better to go with having units on just one side and use design led open shelving on the opposite wall.

Your work triangle will be a problem with only one side of fitted kitchen units, but if you go for the oven in the middle, with the sink and fridge/freezer either side, separated by work spaces, then your galley fitted kitchen will work well.

Finally, galley kitchens look great if they are sleek and contemporary, so a little design tip is to choose a fitted kitchen without handles.

Need help with a fitted kitchen layout? Visit Park Street Interiors

At Park Street Interiors, we understand how important a fitted kitchen is to a home and our team are experts in ensuring that the layout and design will work for you. What's more, to complete your look, you will find the Ceramic Tile Warehouse and Stone Gallery all within the Art of Living Group triangle.