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How to make your guest bedroom more versatile for multi-functional living

Our homes currently have to work harder than they ever have before. With moving costs so high, those looking for extra space and versatile living have to make their rooms do more, and by cleverly using fitted wardrobes and home study furniture, this can be achieved. If you've got a spare bedroom but need extra space, here's how to make it work for you – and make it multi-functional at the same time.

Guest bedroom as ... a home study

The most obvious multi-functional use of a spare bedroom is as a home study. With more and more people working from home, either full time or just occasionally, not to mention children needing a quiet space in which to do their homework, spare bedrooms often have to double as a home study.  With a bespoke fitted bedroom, you can achieve both purposes within the room. It's important, of course, to clearly define the sections of your room without breaking the flow of the decor, so make sure the furniture you choose does just that: perhaps pick a desk unit and filing cabinets which flow beautifully into a fitted wardrobe space. If the furniture matches and is built in, it will tie the room's different functions together instantly.

Guest Bedroom as a home study



Guest bedroom as ... a children's playroom

A great way of combining a guest bedroom with a space for the children to play in is by installing an ever popular day bed or sofa bed.  Choose fitted bedroom furniture for a playroom space carefully: low level cupboards and some open storage are great for little hands and will encourage the children to keep the room tidy. Remember to have some closed storage too, however: the space should be somewhere for the kids to relax, but also available for guests when needed.

Guest bedroom as ... a craft or hobby room

Guest bedrooms often have to work as a spacious room for crafts and hobbies to be indulged in, yet have enough storage to hide away materials when not in use.  Fitted wardrobes are a great way of achieving a craft or hobby room within an occasional bedroom; built in wardrobes can be created with your hobby in mind, with the storage tailor-made to your hobby's specific requirements, and just as in a home study, a beautiful desk space can be added as a work table.  And the best part about a bespoke craft room? All of your materials can be hidden away in your purpose-built fitted bedroom furniture when guests come to stay!

Guest bedroom as ... a walk-in wardrobe

Let's face it, our poor guest bedrooms often become dumping grounds and extra storage space.  If you're going to treat your spare bedroom as a walk-in wardrobe, do it in style: fitted wardrobes will offer all of the storage you need, without your room being overtaken with clutter!

Get inspiration for your spare bedroom at the Art of Living

If you want to create multi-functional living within your home, why not pop along to Park Street Interiors for your inspiration?  With plenty of ideas for built in wardrobes, you'll be able to visualise your space as a playroom, home study, walk-in wardrobe and much more besides! And don't forget, if you've got other projects to tackle within the home, why not visit the Ceramic Tile Warehouse and the Stone Gallery to gather ideas?  All three companies are located within the Art of Living triangle, in the Sampson Business Park, so you'll have plenty of stylish ideas to choose from.