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Bedrooms, studies, and bathrooms: an interview with a designer

The design team at Park Street Interiors offer an expert service which extends from stunning high quality designer bathrooms to striking fitted bedroom and home office furniture.

Here, we sit down with Park Street's interior experts, Scott Adams and Simon Hockey, to find out more about bedrooms, studies, bathrooms:

Although Park Street Interiors offers expert design in bathrooms, as well as bedrooms and home offices, is there a signature in-house style which goes across the board?

SA: Our signature style is one of thoroughness and openness whilst, of course, being sympathetic and empathetic to our clients' specific wishes and individual tastes. We ensure that we listen to what our clients want to achieve and then strive to surpass their expectations.

When it comes to bathrooms, particularly, we need to bring equal measures of style and practical functionality to the space, for the ultimate in user experience, aesthetic appeal and enjoyment. When it comes to bedroom and study furniture we look to maximise every piece of available space with stylish fitted storage solutions.

How would you describe your own personal interior style?  What have your own bathroom looked like over the years?

SH: Thoughtful with a bit of eccentricity thrown in.  Personally, I always end up with a traditional yet timeless look.

Where do you find inspiration? Which designers do you admire?

SH: Inspiration comes from both manufacturers and clients alike, but it is nothing without the passion that creating a great design fuels. There are many great designers, such as Charles Rennie Macintosh, Phillipe Stark and Kelly Hoppen, to name but a few, but it is the fire that their designs ignite that makes a good designer even better.

Park Street Interiors has a great reputation for delivering stylish bedrooms, home offices and bathrooms – why do you think this is?

SA: I think our reputation is due to our passion, transparency and a great product range of respected brands, plus it's important to provide customer service that's second to none.

What are your rules for effective design? And do you ever break them?

SA: Effective designs traditionally follow the 'working triangle' as a common sense, basic principle – where the primary elements of cooker, sink and fridge are located in a triangle for convenience and efficiency –  but design is now more freestyle and fluid – within reason, we follow the clients' vision but they can rely on us to offer them practical guidance.

What are Park Street's predictions for 2021 trends in bathrooms?

SH: The trends we'll be seeing for bathrooms next year seem to be following a very clean, sharp look with cutting edge technology. Certainly, from our continental cousins, a move back to more traditional laminated minimal worktops with a twist in kitchens is a look that is set to grow, but this is sleek and effortless and certainly not clinical.  Likewise, bathrooms will be luxurious and uncluttered – natural and manmade materials will combine for an exciting juxtaposition.

Park Street Interiors' expert design service for studies, bedrooms and bathrooms

With our experienced and accomplished interior design team, clients can rely on us to transform their homes – from design through to supply and installation.

Visit our spacious Camberley showroom for a design consultation with one of our interior experts or call us on 01276 62777 to discuss how we can take your project forward. 


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