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How to Make the Most of a Compact Bedroom Space

Most homes have one bedroom which is smaller than most people would like it to be.  With the use of clever storage solutions and fitted wardrobes however, it doesn't have to be a waste of space. Far from it, a compact bedroom can become an exciting child's bedroom or guest bedroom with a little thought and clever fitted bedroom furniture.

An exciting child's bedroom

A bedroom which is on the small side can work surprisingly well for a child, despite all of their toys and other paraphernalia. A raised cabin bed is an excellent option for a child's bedroom, as built in storage can be incorporated underneath.  Similarly, fitted wardrobes can be built at either end of the bed, and even over the top of the bed, creating a cosy cubby hole for the child to sleep in, and giving plenty of storage besides.  

Why not also think about including a desk within this space to give them a dedicated space to study?  When choosing fitted bedroom furniture for children, don't forget to include some space which is truly theirs where they can store all of their little knick-knacks and treasures.

Exciting Childs Bedroom


A relaxing guest bedroom

Choosing coordinated fitted wardrobes for a guest bedroom will make a small space feel more streamlined and harmonised to create a relaxing space for your guests. Opt for bespoke built in wardrobes for any storage space you may require, for example for linens and towels which may have spilled over from other areas of the home and require storage in the spare bedroom, but think about using open shelving, or small custom made bedside cabinets elsewhere – after all, if the room is just an occasional bedroom, your guests will only be using it for one or two nights and won't require the storage space normally needed in a bedroom – nor will it matter if their belongings are out on show rather than hidden behind a cupboard door, as they'll only be using the room temporarily.

A bespoke loft bedroom

It's true that a loft bedroom created from an attic conversion may not be that small – in fact, it could actually be quite a large space – but they do quite often suffer from the same problems as small bedrooms in the sense that storage space can be compromised.  Fitted bedroom wardrobes really come in to their own in a loft conversion: built in wardrobes can be created to bespoke measurements to fit under the eaves of the house and create great opportunities for storage space.

Park Street Interiors: fitted wardrobes to suit every space

If you need to maximise the space in your smallest bedrooms, Park Street Interiors, part of the Art of Living, will be able to help you create custom storage solutions. The principles above can be applied to any small space, including kitchens, bathrooms and your home study, with fitted wardrobes and furniture really optimising your storage space. Don't forget that you can also fulfil other DIY needs within the Art of Living triangle, as both the Ceramic Tile Warehouse and the Stone Gallery are on site for any tile or natural stone needs you may have.  With clever ideas, any small space can be transformed.