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High Gloss Kitchens: High Value, High Style

High gloss kitchens continue to reign in the popularity stakes when it comes to a new kitchen. They are the epitome of the contemporary kitchen and are coveted by many design experts and style lovers the world over.

It's a look that isn't likely to go anywhere over the coming years. Its effortless chic and unfussy aesthetics mean it can fit into any type of home, and can be dressed up or down with accessories accordingly. If you're looking to invest in a new kitchen, gloss kitchens are here to stay and are worth every penny.

High gloss kitchens: high value for money

Getting the contemporary gloss kitchen look doesn't have to come with a hefty price tag. High gloss kitchens look a million dollars, as their style is so modern and on-trend, which instantly makes it look like a lot of money has been spent to achieve the high end finish. But actually there are gloss kitchens to suit every type of budget.

Depending on the way the door fronts and units have been finished, there is a cost consideration to bear in mind; melamine or High Pressure Laminate are the most cost effective type of gloss kitchen units, but they also have the least glossy finish, so if you're after high-shine, these may not be for you.

Considering your Options

high Gloss Kitchen

Alternatively, kitchen units can be bought with a vinyl or PVC finish, which are also excellent value for money. If you want to spend a little more, an acrylic finish can give a wonderfully modern look to any new kitchen, and is the most durable type of gloss kitchen.

If you have a young family, or animals, you should opt for an acrylic finish, as this is the most scratch resistant, whereas other types of high gloss kitchens may be more susceptible to scratches. To really make a statement, opt for High Gloss Lacquer units which are available in a range of colours and have an almost glassy finish.

High gloss kitchens: high style

If you've ever seen a contemporary high gloss kitchen in all its glory, you'll know that no other type of kitchen can compare in the style stakes. Available in a range of colours and styles, and with a shiny wood-effect finish if you so desire, high gloss kitchens add a touch of chic to any home.

Gloss kitchen units can also be made with versatility in mind and you can opt to include the likes of curved units, if this is the type of look you're after. They are also ideal for smaller kitchens, as their shiny surfaces bounce light around to make the space look bigger.

High gloss kitchens: highly popular

Apart from the obvious style and value-for-money aspects of high gloss kitchens, many people opt for gloss kitchens simply because of their ease of maintenance. As they are so unfussy, they are easy to keep clean with a simple wipe-down. Handle-less high gloss kitchen units are also available, for a completely streamlined finish. Team gloss units with the most up-to-date appliances, and you'll have a contemporary, easy to maintain kitchen.

Highly interested in high gloss kitchens? Visit the Art of Living!

If high gloss kitchens have tickled your fancy, then a trip to Park Street Interiors will set you in the right direction to achieving your glossiest of dreams. We have a range of gloss kitchens available in our showroom, and we'll be happy to help you find something to suit your design needs, personality and budget.

Don't forget you can complete any new kitchen look with the help of our colleagues within the Art of Living triangle: both the Ceramic Tile Warehouse and the Stone Gallery will have beautiful tiles to complete this modern look. If it's high time you had high gloss in your life, the Art of Living is the place to be.