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How to future proof kitchens and bathrooms

When the housing market began to have its most recent 'wobble', future-proofing became a buzz phrase within the interiors industry, as more and more people planned large scale extensions and interior makeovers instead of losing money by moving. However, just because the housing market has begun to pick up again, doesn't mean that future-proofing needs to be thrown out and forgotten, as it is still a great idea, particularly for kitchens and bathrooms.

What is future-proofing and why is it ideal for kitchens and bathrooms?

Future-proofing is a term that is used in a number of industries and is about minimizing the impacts of future events. When it comes to your home, it is about making the right choices and not necessarily always going for the cheapest option. This principle can be applied to everything to do with your property, from choosing builders' quotes to deciding on utility suppliers.When it comes to interiors though, it is commonly known that kitchens and bathrooms sell properties, so spending a bit more on these rooms and thinking about how they will be used in the future is a good idea.

kitchens and bathrooms can also be the two most expensive rooms to renovate, so refurbishing them in a style that will stay with you, or future owners, for a number of years will save time and money.

future proof kitchens and bathrooms

How do I future-proof my kitchen?

Making kitchens and bathrooms more eco-friendly and energy efficient is the best way to go, as sustainability has become more and more important to consumers. In particular, there are many products on the market that come under the eco-friendly banner for your kitchen, from triple A rated appliances and fitted kitchens that are made from Forestry Standard Commission approved wood, to tiles made from natural materials and flooring made from renewable resources.

What about my bathroom?

Decoration is also important for future-proofing kitchens and bathrooms, but there is one rule for the bathroom that, no matter what fashions come and go, should always be stuck to; white is the only colour that should be chosen for a bathroom suite. Say no to cream, no to pink, no to brown and definitely no to avocado!

The bathroom is one place where water efficient products have certainly made a big impact on the market. Although these products can mean you will lay out more money initially, they will help you to save on your water bills. The newer, more efficient products are also future-proofed by generally being made better and thus having more longevity.

Surely it's not just kitchens and bathrooms that I can future-proof in my home?

No it's not, but as we mentioned previously, it is kitchens and bathrooms that sell properties, so start with these.

If you want to move on from kitchens and bathrooms, then think about installing fitted wardrobes in a bedroom, as these will help buyers see where their furniture will be able to fit into the house. Additionally, as more and more people are working from home, installing a home office into your property is a good idea.

Future-proof kitchens and bathrooms with help from Park Street Interiors
At Park Street Interiors we have a wide range of kitchens and bathrooms, as well as fitted wardrobes and home office solutions that will hep you to future-proof your home. Our team of experts are happy to chat with you and come up with designs.

As part of the Art of Living Group, our customers can also pay a trip to our sister companies, Ceramic Tile Warehouse and Stone Gallery, to get inspirational finishing touches.