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Fitted wardrobes – the most common questions answered

With a dressing room being a highly desirable asset to a home, but often not available, fitted wardrobes could be the next best thing. Done well and done properly, they are not just places where you hang your clothing, but a clever storage option where everything can have a home, keeping your bedroom the clutter free and tranquil place it should be.

Here we answer the most common questions that people have when designing their fitted wardrobe layout.

Fitted wardrobe

What are the necessities when designing fitted wardrobes?

No matter what extras you will be including in your fitted wardrobe design, don't forget about the essentials. Hanging rails, drawer space and shelving are obvious choices, so before you add in clever storage extras, make sure you have enough of these first.

I have an awkward space; will fitted wardrobes work?

Fitted wardrobes really come into their own when you have an abnormal shaped room, or a loft space that goes into the eaves. Very often the fitted wardrobe design will be completely bespoke to you, so these funny angles can be incorporated. Good fitted wardrobe suppliers will make a home visit first to get exact measurements before they complete your design; all awkward spaces are therefore taken into account.

Fitted wardrobes – the most common questions answered

Are there any clever storage options that I can include?

Once you have your essential hanging rail, drawers and shelves included, you can then look at incorporating a number of different options into your fitted wardrobe design. Some popular choices include shoe racks, tie hangers, drawer dividers, trouser hangers and some people have even included a space for the TV so that it can be shut behind closed doors when not in use.

My bedroom is really small; will I have space for fitted wardrobes?

Fitted wardrobes should always be considered for small rooms as they will make use of all the space available. Installing fitted wardrobes from the floor to the ceiling in a small room will give you a vital bit of extra storage space that you wouldn't get from freestanding wardrobes.

Do fitted wardrobes come in different styles?

The simple answer to this is yes. From sliding doors, which are a great space-saving idea for a smaller bedroom, to standard doors, and even no doors, there is an option to suit all tastes. Your fitted wardrobes can also come in many different finishes that will complement your design style, whether you are going for a traditional or contemporary look.

Get the perfect fitted wardrobes from Park Street Interiors

We have a wide range of fitted wardrobe options at Park Street Interiors that will suit all spaces and requirements. Our team of experts are happy to help with a design and will make a home visit so that you get the perfect layout that works for you.

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