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Fitted wardrobes – the perfect choice for a child's bedroom

If there is one room where it is important to have a space for everything, it is a child's bedroom. Maybe not the tidiest of your home's occupants, anything that can help your child keep their space clutter free and tidy can only be a good thing. Fitted wardrobes could be the perfect solution, as they will ensure that everything has somewhere to be put away.

One of the main benefits of installing fitted wardrobes is being able to utilise awkward and small spaces, meaning you no longer have to worry about dust traps at the top of wardrobes or finding cupboards that fit the eaves in a loft space.

Fitted wardrobes to last the years

When a child is young, many people will buy smaller fitted wardrobes to accommodate their needs at the time, then have to change them as the child grows and needs more space. But, why not buy cupboards that will see them right through until it is time to fly the nest?

With the growing popularity of furniture stickers and the many different colours and shapes of handles that are available, fitted wardrobes can be customised, and changed very easily, to suit every period of your child's life.

Additionally, as the toys and crayons disappear the space that they took up will be used for gadgets and clothing.

fitted Wardrobed in a childs bedroom

Storage considerations

Obviously hanging rails and drawer space are a must, but why not take it a bit further? Many storage options can now be included in your child's fitted wardrobe design, from boxes for toys that pull out and easily go straight back away behind closed doors again, to shelves that are just the right height for books.

However, to really think towards the future, why not install a pull down desk in the fitted wardrobe? Your child will love sitting there when they are young to get creative, then as they grow it will be the perfect place to sit and study.

Fitted wardrobes for small spaces

Generally, your child will not have the biggest bedroom, but that does not mean that fitted wardrobes need to be ruled out.

In fact, fitted wardrobes should always be considered for smaller rooms as they are able to make use of the whole space between the floor and ceiling, creating additional storage that you would not necessarily get from freestanding cupboards.

However, if installing fitted wardrobes in a small room, there are couple of design tips that we would suggest. Choose light coloured wardrobes and keep floor to ceiling cupboards away from the window so that natural light can be made the most of.

Get the perfect fitted wardrobes from Park Street Interiors

At Park Street Interiors, we have fitted wardrobes to suit every space and requirement. Speak to our team to get a design and layout that will suit your children for years to come.
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