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One bathroom suite can work for the whole family

Having the luxury of more than one bathroom suite in a home is something that is near the top of the list of requirements when people look for a new property. However, having just one bathroom does not mean that the house can't work extremely well for the average family.

It is no lie that only having one bathroom when everyone is trying to get ready for school or work can be a bit chaotic, but by following Park Street Interiors' tips, you will be able to have one bathroom suite that will cater for the whole family.

Add another sink to your bathroom suite

Sinks come in all shapes and sizes and, as they are one of the smallest pieces of a bathroom suite and the plumbing is already in place, it is quite simple to make your bathroom a two sinked area.

Whether you have his and her sinks, or children and adults spaces, having two sinks enables two people to use the bathroom at the same time.

Separate the toilet

Whilst it is desirable to have a big, light and airy bathroom, for practicality purposes, it can be beneficial to divide your bathroom suite with a wall and have your toilet in a separate room. Again, this will allow the bathroom facilities to be used by more than one person at the same time.However, we would recommend that you add a small sink into the new toilet area.

Keep non-bathroom essentials elsewhere.

Our bathrooms do become areas that they don't necessarily need to be. For example, we tend to keep medical supplies in them, so they become a treatment room when a child has cut themselves, or they are beauty parlours for doing make-up.

Take a moment to think about what you use your bathroom for, and whether these extra uses can be done somewhere else, freeing up the space so that your bathroom can be used for what it was designed for!

Family Bathroom

Add a separate shower to your bathroom suite

The key to making a one bathroom home work for everyone is to give the room as many uses as possible. Like including an additional sink, adding a stand-alone shower to your bathroom suite is a great idea to allow more people to use the room at once.

Plan your bathroom time

It may seem a bit regimented, but if all else fails, set of schedule of when family members can use the bathroom to help stop the mad rush in the mornings and evenings. You could also encourage your children or partner to use the bathroom at not so busy times.

Let Park Street Interiors help create your perfect bathroom suite

If you need help creating the perfect bathroom to work for your busy family, then speak to Park Street Interiors, who have a bathroom suite to suit every space, requirement and style.
Our Art of Living Group partners, the Ceramic Tile Warehouse and Stone Gallery have an extensive range of ceramic, porcelain and stone tiles that will add a feeling of luxury to your bathroom.