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Creating a fitted kitchen using eco friendly materials

As more and more people began looking for materials for their fitted kitchen that come under the environmentally friendly banner, more and more companies began to take note and extend their product ranges to meet the demand. Now you can find many different options to help you reduce your carbon footprint and keep energy costs at a minimum.
However, to take it one step further, is it possible to create a fitted kitchen that is made entirely from 'green' products?

Fitted kitchen cabinets

The amount of companies that offer fitted kitchen cabinets made from FSC (Forestry Standard Commission) approved wood, meaning that it has come from a responsibly harvested forest, has grown considerably over the last decade. This means that you can start how you mean to go on with environmentally friendly kitchen cabinets.

Additionally, thanks to a number of TV home renovation programmes, 'upcycling' is now the buzz word of the moment. Many people are creating unique fitted kitchen cabinets from a number of different recycled materials, such as salvaged wood or even wooden pallets.

Environmental friendly appliances

Nowadays you'll be hard pushed to find a kitchen appliance that does not have some sort of environmentally friendly feature. Solar powered ovens, A+++ rated fridge freezers and water efficient dishwashers are all readily available. These not only ensure that you keep your fitted kitchen environmentally friendly, but also help to keep your utility bills at a minimum.


When it comes to the finishing touches, you can ensure your fitted kitchen is 'green' in every aspect of the decoration.

Reclaimed tiles are a good option for a floor, or try using natural stone, which, due to its durability, has fantastic sustainability credentials. Alternatively, to achieve all the practicality of vinyl, without the manmade feel, try natural linoleum, which is made from the natural and renewable resources of linseed oil and pine resin.

A few years ago, you would have had to shop around to find environmentally friendly paint for your fitted kitchen, but now it is readily available from high street DIY chains.

And, when it comes to tiles, although they are organically made from natural materials, and thus making them an eco product in their own right, you can go even more 'green' by selecting tiles that are made from recycled materials, such as glass.

Eco Friendly Bathroom

Let Park Street Interiors help with your eco-friendly fitted kitchen

At Park Street Interiors, we have a number of different environmentally friendly fitted kitchens that would be perfect for those looking to use more eco products. Our team are happy to give advice and help you turn your kitchen 'green'!

As part of the Art of Living Group, our customers can benefit from a visit to our sister companies, Stone Gallery and Ceramic Tile Warehouse, who also have a range of environmentally friendly products to help with inspirational finishing touches.