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A design service to carry your personal décor style into your home office

When it comes to your home office, using a design service can deliver great dividends, maximising your available space and creating the perfect work environment to ensure that you are at your most efficient and productive.

If you are one of the growing number of people who opt to work from home, or you simply want a space in your home for household admin and day-to-day paperwork, it is necessary to have an appropriate space set aside for that purpose. Our design service experts will work with you to create a suitably practical and organised space which also fits harmoniously in with the rest of your chosen decorative style of your home.

Modern lives demand home office spaces

For many of us, a home office is an increasingly important part of the way we live. A design service is an invaluable way of utilising your space to its full potential – every aspect is carefully considered to achieve the optimum level of comfort, style and functionality.

Whether you have a separate outbuilding or a dedicated study, you're looking to convert a spare room or simply an area that you've assigned for the purpose of being a home office, an expert design service can be transformative, adding desirability and value to your home.

A design service to create the perfect home office

As part of our design service we encourage clients to focus on the most important elements that you require from your designated work space. To an extent, this is dependent upon your role, industry and lifestyle and it will also factor in your existing home décor style. A universal necessity for a study area is that it should be a space that is practical whilst also appealing and with the right ambience – inspiring you to be as productive as possible, whilst free from distractions.

In keeping with your decorative style

A superior design service strives to create a consistently flowing style throughout your home, retaining a sense of your personality and avoiding the presence of areas which jar with one another. This is especially significant if you are making a home office within an existing room – for example converting a corner of your living room – or you are creating a dual-purpose spare bedroom/study.

Clever storage solutions are key to keeping these spaces tidy and in order, so that the room can be used and enjoyed outside of your working hours. From filing cabinets to lighting, we have all home study solutions covered and we also offer made-to-measure furniture as part of our design service.

Design Sevice

We're here to ensure your home office is an asset

At Park Street Interiors we offer an extensive range of designer products alongside an expert design service, ensuring that any home project we undertake delivers on style, quality and practicality.

A home visit enables us to measure your space whilst also gaining an insight into your existing home décor style. Visit our Camberley showroom for advice on planning, design and installation or call us on 01276 62777 to discuss your requirements.