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See Your Local Fitted Kitchens Showroom in Slough, Hampshire, Berkshire, Basingstoke and Guilford

At Park Street Interiors we love the look of a country style fitted kitchen in areas such as Hampshire, Slough, Berkshire, Farnham, Basingstoke, Farnborough and Guildford. A country styled fitted kitchen looks fantastic in a country cottage. It conjures up images of happy family meals in a comfy and cosy space. But, if you have a more modern home, there's no reason why you can't still choose the country fitted kitchen of your dreams.

The country style look is a hot trend at the moment meaning you will be able to find the perfect fitted kitchen at your local showroom. Here at Park Street Interiors we can help you on how to take elements of the country style to create a modern country fitted kitchen look perfect for your modern looking home.

What Units To Choose For Your Fitted Kitchen

Sometimes the whole country kitchen look will be very out of place in a more modern home, but with the right fitted kitchen, you can easily achieve the homely look. Wood plays a big part in the country kitchen style, so a solid wood fitted kitchen would be the ideal choice. However, this can also be the pricey option, so to save money, mix solid oak doors with cheaper cabinets.

To give your fitted kitchen a modern twist, instead of going for the natural wood look in your cupboards, choose solid wood worktops and mix with fitted cupboards painted in a traditional country colour, such a cream or olive.

Add In Free Standing Kitchen Units

Country fitted kitchens tend to create informal and relaxed spaces, so the uniformity of a fitted kitchen can sometimes go against the look.

However, if you have space in your fitted kitchen, adding a free standing piece of furniture, especially made out of solid oak, is an easy way to instantly give your kitchen a comfortable look. Try making the look more country kitchen by using wicker baskets instead of having cupboard doors or drawer fronts.

Visit Park Street Interiors For Your Inspiration

If you are looking to add a country style kitchen, then pay a visit to Park Street Interiors for inspiration. You'll find a wide range of big brand fitted kitchens that will certainly add a homely feel. Additionally, visit our sister companies Ceramic Tile Warehouse and Stone Gallery to find complementing finishing touches to bring a touch of the classic to your modern home.