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lever Fitted Wardrobe Solutions for Awkward Spaces

Sloping ceilings, chimney breasts and unusual windows all give our houses character. As much as it would be a crying shame to get rid of these features, they do, however, make it awkward to use the space to its best potential.

That's where fitted wardrobes come into their own. Bespoke storage solutions can be built in to awkward spaces to make them more usable, without losing the character of your property. So don't despair over those lost spaces in your home: think about clever fitted wardrobe solutions instead!

Built in Wardrobes: Ideal for Loft Conversions

The obvious place where clever built in wardrobes may be needed is in a loft conversion. Sloping ceilings and less wall space than traditional bedrooms means standard wardrobes often either won't fit, or will leave awkward gaps which can't be used for anything else.

Fitted bedroom wardrobes are therefore the ideal solution for such a space, as they can be built into a sloping ceiling – either with the slope to the side of the fitted wardrobe or at the back – so that no space is wasted. All those nooks and crannies can be put to good use housing your smaller accessories and other paraphernalia.

Fitted Wardrobes are not just for Loft Conversions!

Other awkward spaces within your home can also benefit from fitted wardrobes – they're not just for loft conversions! For example, many older homes have chimney breasts which run through the bedrooms. These add a wonderful sense of character to any room, but what do you do with the alcoves either side? Beautifully bespoke fitted bedroom furniture will solve this conundrum: choose fitted wardrobes for either side!

Similarly, if you live in a lower ground floor apartment, or have a basement room, with windows high up along one wall, you may only have the space below this to use. If so, why not opt for custom built cabinetry comprising of one integrated piece, to include a wardrobe, headboard and nightstands in one piece of furniture?

Need a Solution for Awkward Spaces? Choose Fitted Wardrobes from Park Street Interiors.

To make the most of your home, why not see what fitted wardrobes could do to transform your awkward space? Whatever your design challenges, just tell us your needs and we'll be able to provide a bespoke fitted wardrobe solution to help.

Don't forget that we can also help with fitted units and custom-built cabinetry in other areas of your home as well, such as in the kitchen, bathroom or home study, and our partners within the Art of Living triangle – at the Ceramic Tile Warehouse and the Stone Gallery – can supply you with stunning tiles, too. Whatever challenges your home may have, the Art of Living are happy to help.