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Clever bathroom suites to get more space in a small bathroom

Whilst you may think that a small room will be the easiest to renovate, after all, there isn't much to do, they actually tend to be the most difficult. And, this is definitely the case when it comes to refurbishing a bathroom, as bathroom suites are chunky and big in their design.
However, by using some clever design tips and looking at bathroom suites specially designed for smaller spaces, your bathroom can have a spacious and airy feel.

Do bathroom suites need a bath?

This is a particularly good question to ask if you are renovating a second bathroom, guest bathroom or ensuite. Baths are the biggest part of bathroom suites so replacing them with freestanding showers will instantly make small bathrooms bigger.

Alternatively, you may choose to go for a wet room, which is a great solution for a small bathroom as it maximises the floor space.

Be careful though, as baths are high up on the list of things that people want when looking to purchase a property, so we would never recommend replacing a bath with a shower in the main bathroom.

Have you looked at small bathroom suites?

If replacing a bath with a shower is really not an option, have a look at small bathroom suites. Whilst smaller bathroom suites are not new to the market, in recent years they have become more stylish and there are more options to choose from.

We would recommend looking at cloakroom basins, toilets that have thinner cisterns and corner sinks and toilets, as these will all help to maximise the space. There are also bathroom suites that come with shorter and thinner baths, so no matter what the size of your room, you can still wallow in a relaxing bath at the end of the day.

How much do you really need in your bathroom?

Smaller bathroom suites will help to give you more floor space, so you don't want to end up losing this space by adding clutter. Therefore, think about what you need in your bathroom.

The top tip we would give is to keep things off the floor. This mean that a bathroom cabinet is a definite must, but again, there are good space saving options. Choose a wall cabinet in a small bathroom to make use of the height of the room and look at corner cabinets, which would really complement bathroom suites that include a corner sink, or cabinet.

A mirror is also essential in a bathroom, so kill two birds with one stone and have a mirrored cabinet. If you do go for this option, put your mirrored cabinet on the wall opposite a window, as this will reflect light making the space feel bigger.

Park Street Interiors – for bespoke bathroom suites to fit any space

No matter what the size of the bathroom you will be renovating, at Park Street Interiors we have an extensive range of bathroom suites that will make your small bathroom feel light and airy. Our dedicated team of experts will guide you through all your options ensuring that you make the most of your space.

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