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The Amazing Benefits of Built-in Storage Solutions

Storage is one of life's eternal conundrums.  How to make your bedroom look stylish and uncluttered, yet still have room for all of your clothes and linen?  How do you turn that unused corner of your home into a little home study?  And how do you get the kids to keep their rooms tidy?  Well, we can't promise that built-in storage will make your children more house-proud, but fitted wardrobes and other built-in storage solutions really are the best option for keeping your home chic, tidy and clutter-free.

Bespoke fitted wardrobes – your style, your storage

It may sound like a no-brainer, but built in wardrobes really are the best way of keeping all of your clothes, shoes, bedding and accessories neat and tidy.  If you've only got a small bedroom space, or an unusual shaped bedroom – for example, a loft conversion or a room built into the roof eaves – fitted bedroom wardrobes can be built to accommodate the shape and size of the room, so that no potential storage space is wasted. 

A good bedroom design company should offer you a home visit, to ensure that measurements are taken accurately, and that you get the best design possible; from accessory drawers through to hanging space, custom fitted bedrooms should take into account every aspect of your storage needs.  What's more, by choosing a bespoke fitted bedroom, you will not only have storage solutions to suit your needs, but you'll also have fitted wardrobes to suit your taste and the décor of your room.

A custom home study – a sense of space and order to your business day

Bedrooms aren't the only rooms which can benefit from built in furniture. If you work from home, you'll know the importance of keeping your home study organised, and fitted storage space can help you do so.  From custom built filing cabinets through to desks with an extended worktop to incorporate cupboard space underneath, custom built home study furniture can really suit you and your business needs, not to mention make the most of what is traditionally one of the smallest rooms in any home. You'll be surprised at how much the organisation brought about by fitted home study furniture can help boost your creativity.

Built in furniture for use anywhere in the home!

Built in furniture doesn't have to be used just fitted bedrooms and home offices, either.  Due to its bespoke nature, you can think outside the box when it comes to fitted furniture.  Got a nook under the stairs that you'd like to turn into a computer station?  A variation on home study furniture could help!  Trying to keep your porch clutter free?  Why not take a twist on the fitted wardrobe and have an inbuilt shoe tidy installed?  And of course, fitted wardrobes and cupboards are often used in the likes of laundry rooms to keep fresh linen safely hidden.  The possibilities really are endless when it comes to fitted furniture!

Park Street Interiors: For all your fitted furniture needs

Whether you're looking to redesign your bedroom with fitted wardrobes, or turn an unused room into a home study, all of your fitted furniture needs will be covered by Park Street Interiors. We take pride in our beautiful, bespoke built in furniture, covering everything from kitchens to bedrooms, and offer a fully custom-made service, including home design visits and installation.  Don't forget that we're also part of the Art of Living group, so if you do decide to fit out your laundry room, for example, all of your tile and stone needs will be covered by the Ceramic Tile Warehouse and the Stone Gallery, respectively. Beautiful, fitted homes are at your fingertips within the Art of Living triangle!