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Bedknobs and Bathtubs? How to Achieve a Boutique Bedroom-Come-Bathroom Look

Have you ever stayed in a plush boutique hotel where there has been a bathtub in the bedroom? It's become fairly commonplace in luxury hotels, but is it something that can feasibly extend to our homes?

Just imagine the luxury of bathing in your bedroom, with all your creature comforts on hand – made even more special if you're able to place your bathtub in front of a picture window with a wonderful view! But is it practical? There are certain considerations you'll need before you decide to fit your own elements of designer bathrooms into your bedroom.

Making a splash

First things first, if you're installing a bathtub in the bedroom, it has to make a splash: you can't use any old bathroom furniture; it really has to be a feature. Think beautiful, roll-top, freestanding baths, or sleek tubs made of one piece of natural stone. If you're going to do it, you want to achieve the look and feel of a high-end hotel, and this means installing the very best of bathroom suites.

Think through the practicalities

Some aspects to think about when considering a bathtub in the bedroom are, of course, the practicalities of a wet space in a dry room. Soggy carpets and condensation are not things you want to associate with the boudoir. So think about the flooring surrounding the bathtub: why not create a raised area, which will have the benefit of hiding the pipework too, covered in waterproof flooring?

If you don't fit a raised platform to conceal the pipework, you'll also need to think about how you'll plumb the bath in. You may also need to fit a discreet extractor fan to combat the steam created from a bath, and electrics are certainly important, as bathrooms require different, water-safe electrics compared to those used in bedrooms. Space may also be an issue; as a general rule, if you haven't got the space to fit an en suite bathroom or shower unit, then you probably haven't got the space to fit a bedroom bathtub, either.

Bedroom Boudouir


If a bedroom bathtub isn't going to be a practical choice for you, the obvious compromise is an en suite. Perhaps your bedroom is located next to a tiny box room which can be transformed into a beautiful new bathroom or wet room, or sometimes a disused airing cupboard can even be commandeered for extra space required to fit a shower unit (with a little thought and perhaps the installation of a partition wall, of course!).

If you already have an en suite but fancy a more open plan type of bathing (after all, many other parts of the house are going open plan, why not the bathroom?), think about removing part of the wall between the en suite and the bedroom to create this look. A tiled partition wall which only runs a certain length of the room can sometimes create the desired effect to separate the two areas and keep certain things hidden - there will always be some aspects of bathing which you'll want to keep discreet!

For bathtubs in the bedroom, Park Street Interiors can help you bathe in style!

If you do have your heart set on bedtime bathing, Park Street Interiors can help you achieve the look and comply with the required practicalities. From luxury bathroom furniture through to bathtubs that wouldn't look out of place in designer bathrooms, we can help you get it right.

Our colleagues can also help with stunning bathroom tiles to finish the look: the Ceramic Tile Warehouse has over one million in-stock tiles at any given time, and the Stone Gallery can supply you with beautiful natural stone. Whether you're looking to create a luxury en suite or to install a bath in your bedroom, the Art of Living should be your bathroom suppliers of choice.