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Small bedroom advice from Park Street Interiors' design service experts

At Park Street Interiors we offer an expert design service for kitchens, bathrooms, home offices and bedrooms – our clients trust us to create the room of their dreams by combining practicality with quality and style.

Bedrooms serve multiple purposes – they are somewhere to sleep and relax, and should be a restorative zone in which to unwind and feel nurtured. Bedrooms are also a place to get dressed and ready for the day, or evening, ahead and therefore need to accommodate clothes, accessories and cosmetics.

Because they make numerous demands of the space, it is important to plan your bedroom carefully and this is especially important where space is at a premium. However, a small bedroom needn't pose a problem – read on, for tips and advice from our design service experts.

Small but perfectly formed: a design service for a bijou bedroom

Finding the right design for a small bedroom can pose a challenge but with some clever planning, smart storage and a few other shrewd design tricks it's possible to make a lovely relaxing bedroom which feels spacious and clutter-free.

When it comes to a smaller bedroom, as part of our design service, we like to address the issue of efficient storage as a priority. We supply a range of high quality storage solutions, such as under-the-bed compartments, built-in shelving units and fitted wardrobes, which will allow you to neatly stow away a large amount of items for an organised and orderly bedroom.

Built-in floor-to-ceiling storage will make better use of space, compared to freestanding furniture. Factor in sliding doors, mirrored or otherwise, and wardrobe-style storage will be more floorspace-efficient as it will not require any allowance to open the doors into the room, unlike furniture with hinged doors – therefore other pieces, such as beds, can be placed closer together.

If you are renovating an attic space, slot the bed under the sloping roof to make room for more furniture (as long as there's sufficient head room). Alternatively, in bedrooms with dramatically sloping ceilings, alcoves or awkward angles we recommend the use of custom-made built-in storage which fits right into eaves nooks and tricky spaces.

In smaller bedrooms, our design service will help you to achieve a range of built-in storage which is as discreet and unobtrusive as possible – for example, doors, panels, frames and drawers can be chosen in a finish which tones harmoniously with the rest of the room for a look which is understated yet appealing.

Adding full-length mirrors to wardrobe doors will serve several purposes; mirrors will bounce light back around the room, which will make it feel more spacious; it is also a useful way to leverage as much as possible from the available vertical space, in a smaller bedroom where there might be a shortage of wall-space.

Park Street Interiors' design service for kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and home offices

Whether you're looking for a new bathroom, kitchen, fitted bedroom or home office, our expert design service is one that you can rely upon, every step of the way – from initial designs through to supply and installation.

Visit our Camberley showroom for a design consultation with one of our interior experts or call us on 01276 62777 to discuss your requirements.


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