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Adding value with a second bathroom suite

With the busy lifestyles of modern families, adding a second bathroom suite to your home is a great idea. Not only will it help to make the morning rush a bit easier, but adding another bathroom suite can also add value to your home.

It is a common fact that, along with kitchens, bathrooms sell properties. They are one of the main rooms that people will look at closely when viewing a home, so having at least two bathroom suites, space permitting of course, is a great idea.

Make it an ensuite

An ensuite bathroom used to be considered a luxury, but with many people vying for bathroom time in the morning, the practicality of an ensuite has taken over.

Done well, an ensuite bathroom suite could add an additional 5% to your home's value, as when viewing properties, it is often high on the wish list. However, don't do it if it means you will lose a bedroom, as this will considerably knock the value down.

Storage can be a concern when it comes to adding an ensuite, but many bathroom suites now come with very clever storage options to cater for small spaces, so chat to your designer to see what your choices are.

What to include in your second bathroom suite

The simple answer is whatever you can fit into your space! It would be great to have a large, light room where you can fit everything you desire. But, in reality, extra bathrooms are very often made from borrowing a bit of space from two rooms.

However, we would recommend that at least one of your bathrooms has a shower included in the bathroom suite, as this is on the essential list for most buyers. If that means that your new bathroom just becomes a shower room, then so be it.


No space for a full bathroom suite?

Adding a second bathroom is generally about convenience and not about luxury, so having a small area shouldn't put you off.

If you are short on space, a wet room may be a good option. Considered an extremely popular solution for bathrooms that lack space, they do give a contemporary feel to the room and are extremely practical.

Although the lack of bath argument may rear its ugly head, if you already have a bath incorporated in the main bathroom suite, then a wet room could be the perfect answer, as the open plan nature of wet rooms will give your small space a light and airy feel.

Choose the perfect bathroom suite with help from Park Street Interiors

At Park Street Interiors, we have a wide range of bathroom suites that will fit all tastes and budgets. In addition, with our free design service, your second bathroom could be perfectly planned to add value to your home and suit your needs at the same time.

When it comes to adding the finishing decorative touches to your new bathroom suite, there's nowhere better than our Art of Living Group sister companies, Ceramic Tile Warehouse and Stone Gallery.